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How Many Hours Are Included in Your Wedding Photography Service?

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Hey Guys,

After I write a long email response to a question I get often I can feel like I ate up a lot of my time that I’ll have to do again if I don’t make a post answering it for people to see.

I get asked how many hours my packages include quite often because my flyer says “Wedding Day Coverage” or something along those lines.  So I think our gut wants us to ask “How long is that?”

When I invest my time in a couple to cover their wedding I’m hoping to be there long enough to tell their entire wedding day story.  How long does that take?  It depends.
The short answer to the question about how many hours my service covers is I don’t run a clock.  I trust my clients to have a timeline and I give them some information, consultation, and bridal guides that help them have a timeline that gives them amazing sunset portraits on their wedding day if their timeline allows it.
Dreams Rivera Cancun Destination Wedding Wedding Portrait Photos on the beachDreams Rivera Cancun Destination Wedding Wedding Portrait Photos on the beachDreams Rivera Cancun Destination Wedding Wedding Portrait Photos on the beach
My thought process on not having a strict timeline is that at this point in the planning process is that most brides aren’t exactly sure how much time they will need and I don’t want them to worry that they might have to pay overages if they underestimate nor do I want them to feel like they might be buying more than they need.  There is enough pressure that comes naturally from planning a wedding my hope is that I can ease some of that pressure.  So I don’t run a strict clock by any means.
Detail pictures are usually first while the bride is getting ready, then take getting ready pictures mostly after they’ve gotten hair and makeup on and just capture candid photos during that time.  Every timeline is different, some people tie the knot at 1:00 and some do it at 7:00.  I am there to cover the couples needs all day including ceremony, location photos, party bus, first looks, you name it.  I stay all day through the major reception events.  When I think I’ve covered everything to tell the story usually a couple of hours into the reception, I’ll tell the bride and groom I think I covered everything and ask if there is anything else they would like covered before I go and if they say no then it’s time to go home and backup the files 🙂
So far no one has abused that policy and I find it serves my clients very well.
All my best,