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The Daddy / Daughter First Look

IMG_4122Hey guys,

Once again thank you for following my bridal guide.  Today’s post is all about my thoughts on Daddy/Daughter first looks.  I hope you’re enjoying the guide and that you find it helpful.

Should You do a Daddy / Daughter First Look?

This is for all the brides who have a sweet spot in their heart for their dad.  Especially now, as a new dad myself, Daddy/Daughter first looks make me a little teary. For a lot of dads, this is when everything feels real and it hits them… “My baby girl is getting MARRIED!”

These are precious moments to photograph and I highly encourage any daddy’s girl to set aside a little time in their timeline for this moment. It doesn’t take long at all! The hardest part is making sure dad shows up on time!  Another sweet idea we’ve seen is having the father of the bride escort the bride to her first look!

IMG_0166Make sure you tell your dad what you want him to do.  A lot of dads are nervous on their daughter’s wedding day and they might try to sneak a peek.  Most dads don’t know about first looks or they may not know what your plans are.  Communication is EVERYTHING.  Make sure he knows what your plans are!

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