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I never thought I’d have to tell Brides not to use their phone during their own wedding

I’ve been known to advise couples to recommend guests be fully with you during your wedding (see: Are unplugged weddings the way to go?).  Personally, I think it ruins pictures to have a bunch of iPads up in the air when your photographer takes a wide-angle shot of your family witnessing your wedding from the back of the room.  But my job is to offer suggestions based on what I think will look the best in an album. It makes a much better  photo if everyone is watching your special day with their eyes and not through a LCD screen.  I have never seen a cell phone photo make it into a wedding album, but I’ve seen cell phones ruin hundreds of pictures that would have been in an album if everyone had turned their phones off for the ceremony.

Most people understand that and if they want family to take photos during the ceremony anyway its okay with me but I’ve never had to recommend that a bride to keep her phone stowed during the wedding.  After I saw this I am considering it.

Remember when we didn’t have cell phones?  Are we really better off under the delusion that we must be available to everyone at all times?  So I’m officially recommending that Brides give their phone to a bridesmaid or family member until AFTER the ceremony.

What do you guys think?  Let me know in the comments below.