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TheKnot vs Weddingwire, a Shutterbug’s View

TheKnot vs Weddingwire

A lot of brides ask me what websites are best for brides to get planning info for their wedding.  A lot of people in the wedding industry ask what the best place is to reach brides.  The answer is the same brides should look at the sites that appeal to the best vendors and vendors should look at sites that appeal best for brides.  There are a few sites that stand out above the rest.  The top two are TheKnot.com and Weddingwire.com.  Which one is best?  I think it’s important to see that these two sites are different and there may even be room for both.

Whats the difference?

Theknot.com is the name of the number one wedding website in terms of traffic and distribution.  Their reps claim to reach 80% of brides, and I’m guessing that’s true.  The focus of the website is to give brides access to exciting new wedding trends and beautiful photos so they can enjoy planning their wedding.

Weddingwire.com reaches less brides, but it has some different services too.  Including being able to sign your contracts online and have a wedding website.

I want to point out there is no big wedding war going on between these two websites.  They do compete with each other to some extent but they don’t both offer the same things to brides or professionals.  I actually wish they did.

For the most part, I’m a fan of both websites as a wedding photographer.  I love sites that help get brides excited their wedding plans and making the most of their engagement.  My wife and I used The knot to plan our wedding and we used Wedding Wire just to have a wedding website.  For her The Knot was a better experience due to having better articles and blog posts.

The Knot Magazine Fall Cover

Why Knot?

The knot is the best site for the newest trends and ideas for planning a wedding.   The blogs are outstanding.  They do a great job covering wedding news, frequently posting blogs, and building a fun community for brides with forums.  There is always a bride so wound up she can’t help but post how excited she is now that she has less than 1,000 days until her wedding, not kidding.

Be careful what information you share with them because they do allow vendors to see it and it might get you a lot of unwanted emails and junk mail if you give them your address.  This goes for any website you interact with.  Make an engagement email address so people don’t spam you.  I have a knot account and I never reach out to people except to respond to emails they sent me but not everyone runs their business the same way.

The Knot is #1 in the industry this means they need to deliver the quality tips to the “knotties” who swarm the forums but again those type of expenses can flow downhill when you book the vendors who advertise with the knot then again you need a way to reach quality vendors.  If you are looking for a good community I’m sure you will find it interested if nothing else.  It’s a great resource for brides and I highly recommend them.

0000-2Why Weddingwire?

Wedding wire is like a Swiss army knife, lots of little tools that are very nice to have.  For the most part they give everything the knot offers and more.  For example you can find, contact, book, contract, and pay a vendor through WW.

It would be nice if they went the extra mile with services specific to each industry.  It’s a great site but I’d say  Wedding wire is less exciting for brides than the knot.

So the skinny of it all is if you’re looking for every feature a wedding site offers and you don’t mind a learning curve, Wedding wire might have the edge.  If you want the opinions of other brides and like a community and good tips for planning The Knot is going to suit you better.

If budgeting your wedding is really something you worry about I highly recommend reading “Why looking for a cheap wedding photographer is a costly mistake…“.

Best wishes if you are planning your wedding!