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Headshots and Interview With Professional Wedding Fashion Model Nathaniel Goodwin

I had the pleasure of being invited to the Deer Creek Golf Club Bridal Fashion Show by my friend Nathaniel Goodwin over the weekend to do some headshots.  Cosmopolitan Magazine featured Nathaniel as Mr. Oklahoma for the Bachelor of the year contest.

This is actually the second time I’ve covered an event Nathaniel was modeling.  The other being the 5k Wedding Run (which is an awesome bridal show).

Bridal shows are a great place for brides to meet vendors and see some of the goodies vendors offer in person.  I thought Brides might be interested in Nate sharing some tips and insight.swander photography headshots of nathaniel goodwin

About Nathaniel

Nathaniel puts off a strong positive vibe that makes him very easy to work with as a photographer.  I think the quote he gave me really captures his optimism.

[bctt tweet=”“The Galaxy is the Limit!” If you have a goal and a plan, you can do anything you put your mind too. @NateGoodwin2011″]

As an avid reader he shared his passion for education with me that lead him to become a teacher and self-described “jack of all trades”.  I think I could agree.

nateheadshotA photographer originally got him interested in modeling when he wanted to send his mom a photo Christmas card.  I can say from experience that it’s just as hard for a model to decide to get in front of a camera for the first time as it is for everyone else.  After his first shoot the photographer referred him to Model Mayhem which is one of the largest networks of models and photo video professionals and as you can see the risk paid off.

Clearly, being camera-shy goes away with experience because Nathaniel seemed very comfortable at the fashion show.


Paying attention to other models in your field of interest will help you learn quickly.  Nathaniel mentioned that magazines like Men’s Fitness, Hugo Boss, and GQ helped him with some of his ideas.  His trademark was the black fashion glasses in the headshot.

Nathaniel’s first paid modeling job was working with GW Exotic Animal Park as a calendar model where he got to shoot with a 150 pound white tiger.  Today his ideal shoot is a bridal/editorial shoot.  Primarily because he feels like he’s allowed to smile in a bridal shoot.  I was actually impressed that he mentioned that because I can tell you a lot of models still don’t smile and I always make it a personal side mission to make them laugh.

nathaniel goodwin headshots by swander photgraphySome Q and A

Q: What tips do you have for people who aren’t models but want to take better photos?

A: My tips for people who aren’t models are to just relax and go with the flow for the picture. Don’t try something you are not comfortable doing in front of the camera. When you take a picture, the camera is second to you and all you got to do is think happy thoughts. Have fun and feel free to tag all your memories on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


Q: What are your goals as a model?

A: My goals as a model are to help younger models reach their goals, be humble, and give back to the community. In reality, no model can escape father time or mother time, so you have a short time period to enjoy modeling in the industry. With that being said as an old veteran model, never let any opportunity pass you by and always remember to have integrity.


nathaniel goodwin headshots by swander photgraphyQ: What was the most fun project you’ve ever done and why?

A: The best project I have done up until this date was being body painted as “The Hulk” for an artistic fashion show. When you are around many talented people who share your passion, showcasing your abilities is a joy.

It was fun to get body painted as “The Hulk” but it was a real drag to take a shower and get off all the green paint afterward. My bath tub was a mess after my  Hulk experience and it took my awhile to get all the green paint off my skin. Green Paint on my skin after fashion shows makes me angry!


Q: What is your Favorite Movie?

My favorite movie is “The Last Dragon.” I am a huge martial art fan and that movie gets me pump up every time I see it. Who is the Master? I am also into anime, Marvel/DC Super heroes, and like to write poetry in my spare time.  I recently have picked up a book and a camera and I am teaching myself photography.  Photography intrigues me and can’t wait to tackle another project after photography.

Wrapping Up

Like always I hope you guys enjoyed the post.  I will have some more photos from the show very soon.  I’ll be sure to point Nathaniel here if you have questions for him or if you just want to help me thank him for the information.  I hope you enjoyed it.