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Engagement Style Guide Teaser

Hey Guys,

I just placed an order with my people for a years supply of a new magazine that I’m really excited to release to new couples.  I had this design finished in May and then noticed some things that needed a little change here and there before I could publish it.  It’s sent to print now so I’m expecting it in the mail in about a week.  Here is the cover art!

Engagement Session Style Guide 1.3 (production)

The guide is full of tips for couples who want to look their best for engagement photos but they same tips will work great for couples photos and portrait work!

Some topics covered are:

  • How to Choose a Date and Time
  • Selecting the right location
  • Style Tips for her
  • What to wear
  • Coordinating colors and looks
  • Flattering your features
  • Accessorizing
  • Fashion Tips for Him
  • Prepping your man
  • an engagement session checklist
  • and lots more!

If your engagement session is coming up and you’d like a copy of my style guide let me know.  This is a free gift for SP Brides and Grooms and I’m already working on re-designing my style guide and wedding guide for next year so you could be in the magazine!

I’ll also be starting a new “Wedding Wednesday”  series on engagement tips so make sure to subscribe to get those updates!

That’s all I have for today!  Have a great week.

All my best,