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A Flower you Shouldn’t Add to a Bouquet – Unless You’re Into Poisoning Kids.

So today I saw a link to a nicely written article from the Knot about 10 wedding flowers you might want to consider for your wedding and one of them really caught my attention.  I wanted to recant it as advice or at least add a yellow caution flag to one of the recommendations.  Honestly most of their tips included beautiful flowers.

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Here is a picture of a screenshot from the blog.  The flower is beautiful.


 Whats the Problem?

The problem is I see bad advice coming from major blogging websites all the time.  I really like that the knot puts out a lot of content.  I think sometimes these sites care more about quantity than quality.  Usually I ignore bad advice and just post good advice on my blog.  But in this case one of the tips was kind of dangerous.

Quick Story

When I came down to visit my wife’s family I binge watched Breaking Bad.  I pick up trivia here and there watching TV shows and I usually look things up to see if the story checks out.  It turns out I found out that this flower has a VERY potent poison.  I can’t say much more without spoiling the show (that came out years ago).

According to the US National Library of Medicine.  If ingested the symptoms include vomiting, nausea, blurred vision, irregular heart beat, to name a few.  Generally speaking, people shouldn’t eat unfamiliar flowers (I’m guessing that’s usually good advice).  But if you do go this route keep the flowers away from kids who might experiment with what they taste like.  That’s probably good advice for all flowers but I happen to know this out is particularly dangerous.

Note that I’m not taking NBC’s word for it, you can look it up don’t let anyone ingest this thing or your wedding day might include a trip to the ER.

So hopefully my trivial knowledge helped someone today.  Full disclosure I don’t know much about the other flowers.  I just think people writing blogs should do some research and something THAT dangerous should include a small note of caution.  If I’m actually wrong about this please let me know.  I just saw this as dangerous advice and I wanted to get it out ASAP.  So I do apologize if the journalism is sloppy this time.