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Ten Engagement Props You Love/Hate

Hey Guys,

I think some photo-bloggers feel original by shaming fun trends and exaggerating how often they happen.  I think it’s important to be yourself but if you are a person who loves shots that are trending then go for it and you can always add your own spin to make it original.  Love them or hate them here are some of the most popular props.

1. Scrabble Tiles – It’s not impossible to make them say something personal and even bring personal items


2. Umbrella – It makes a perfect prop if it rains.  It also can match your outfits making it a bit more personal.


3. Bubbles – Capture a playful spirit in your photos


4. Vintage Luggage – Do you love to travel?Vintage-Engagment15

5. Sparklers – Write a Personal message in a long exposure or just show your spark!


6. The ring – This one is a must have!  The ring must must must be featured in an engagement session.


8. Books – These can subtly tell something about you and there is something fun about a vintage prop that can unify your photo shoot.

Young couple lying on blanket in park

8. Picnic Blanket – If you appreciate time alone, with each other and don’t need much more to have fun


9. Vintage Radio – I really like engagement photos to seem like the couple is doing something together.  I love the way this videographer used the props to bring you into his style from the start.

Amy & Dan Engagement Film from IRIS AND LIGHT on Vimeo.

10. Snacks – Coffee, Ice Cream, Hot Chocolate are easy personal props only $4 away


Balloons Chalkboards didn’t make the list this time…

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Have a great week!