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Our Family Keeps Growing! So Excited!

90b8cb50bda6abde446afc269a4847deHey Guys,
I’ve decided to give myself the green light on adding personal posts to my blog.  If you aren’t interested in a personal update once in a while feel free to search by category.  Also, maintaining two blogs is a bit daunting!  I’d do a lot to add a great blogger to my team. Especially one with a fun personality who just so happens to love writing about weddings and events.  My personal goal is to get 4-5 posts per week at least one for photographers and one for brides specifically.  All of them should be helpful, artistic, and have a personal touch.  So I’ll let my readers hold me to that standard.

But, for now I’ll be adding in some personal blogs (back-dated to when I wrote them originally).  So that kind of justifies why the personal(ish) post now.


So whats up?

I love my family and lately our family has grown and it seems like that trend will continue.  My cousin (on Kodi’s side) Aleigh is getting married to her fiancé Steven (who we love).  Kodi and I were so excited when we got the news.  It was definitely an announcement everyone was hoping to hear.   Aleigh is super creative and a very talented event planner.  So besides being excited because she is family, I’m doubly excited because This will be a really fun wedding and engagement (no pressure girl!).

I would be completely content with being a guest at their shindig but I was so honored to be asked to take pictures for them!

They are planning to get married at Dreams Riviera in Cancun, Mexico next fall!  I’m super excited about this because I’ve been asked to do a few destination weddings and they are always my favorite type of wedding to cover.

I’ve always been a huge fan of Aleigh’s pins and style.  Which is why I’m pumped to follow her engagement boards and keep up with the planning process.

You’ll excited too!  Why? Because you can expect some really fun content and probably a few blogs on how to do destination weddings this year.  So if fun and destination weddings are your thing…stay tuned!



You can check out a few images from their engagement shoot HERE.

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