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Behind the Scenes of a Cancun Destination Wedding – Day 1 

I don’t always do a behind the scenes blog but I love to mix it up.  So I’ll see if I can get a quick post in each day while I’m in Mexico.  It seems like a fun way to share my experience.  You’ll soon learn I LOVE destination weddings.

The lesson of the day “Don’t ever trust yourself at 3:00am.  That’s the version of you that looses the keys”.

So our flight left Kansas City International Airpot at 6am but international flights with a baby strapped to mom is a recipe for complications. We got to the airport before 4am got through security no major issues. Keeping the TSA from ruining film with an x-ray machine is harder than it should be I’ll just say that.

So we get on the plane, takeoff, and were in the air and Kodi goes “I forgot my keys on the hotel nightstand”… I totally didn’t care I was so tired.  Long story short we got that taken care of.  Got to Cancun around 11am this morning.  So far no sunburns.  But what’s up with these slippers.  

Who wears a size 2 shoe?  King size bed just guess one person has big feet c’mon.

I promised myself I’d keep these behind the scenes things short because I’m SUPER tired but ready for fun tomorrow morning.

This place is gorgeous I cant wait to REALLY take some pictures.