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Canon 5D Mark IV – Specs, rumors, predictions, etc

Hey Guys,

I expected to see the 1DX Mark II and the 5D Mark IV come out in 2016.  So far it looks like this is going to happen.  The 1DXII is on prerelease and I expect the 5D Mark IV to release around October but I’m just going by rumors I’ve heard.  It tends to follow major photography shows.  My thought is they release the $6000 MSRP 1DX Mark II so that you see the 5D3 at about $3700  and think it’s 99% of the features the 1DX Mark II has for $2300 less.  It’s basic marketing to offer a high-end version so your target camera sells better.  If you actually compare the 5D Mark IV to anything else it’s not going to look as great at least with the specs I’ve seen rumored.  Here are some educated guests on the specs and in the past I’ve been pretty close.  I’ll also tell you why I’ve guessed what I guessed.

5D Mark IV Specs

5D MArk IV Specs

  • 4k Video 24-30FPS (4k has been in the reach of consumers for a long time, if you don’t have 4k no one is going to buy it for professional video.  Period.  Canon is one of the last people putting 4k on their Pro-sumer DSLRs.  They probably won’t do 60 FPS in 4k because that spec was a reason people are really looking at the 1DX Mark II)
  • 7-9 FPS  (The 80D has 7 FPS consumers who want crazy high FPS are going to look at the 1DX for sports.  The faster the FPS the less people want a 1DX Mark II, You’ll probbaly see a higher rate with mirror up)
  • 28 MP (This is what most people are predicting, the newest processor can handle more detail if it gives up a few FPS.  Also, they need to offer more MP than the 1DX to market it as a distinctly different Professional Camera)
  • Same LP-E6N Battery (The target market is 5D Mark III owners who are upgrading, they would like to keep their battery system, if they need to ditch their batteries for no reason they are more likely to jump to a Sony or Nikon)
  • 2 Slots (This is one of 2 reasons to buy a 5d Mark III over a 6D, The 5D Mark IV is the same archetype of camera as the 5D Mark III), I’m guessing one is CF and the other  will either be CF or CFast depending on how much speed they need to pull off the 4k frame rate they want (I’m guessing 24 or 30 FPS)  If they go SD I’ll be a little surprised.
  • 41-61 point (Cross-type) Autofocus system with at least +/-3 EV points. (This is the other one)
  • Touch Screen (I really expect this to be an 80D in many ways with a full frame, I think they will keep this feature)
  • Articulating Screen (I’m actually not super confident about this feature, in the past articulating screens get dogged on because they may computerize weather sealing.  It wouldn’t surprise me if they left this feature off)
  • Dual Pixel AF (On all the newest Canon Cameras)
  • 100% Viewfinder Coverage (5D Mark III had it and there’s no reason not to do it here)

So that’s all I have for today.  I feel like most of the other specs are boring or obvious so I didn’t bother with them.  I will go into why I’m not that excited about the 5d Mark IV even though I’ll probably be upgrading to it soon so make sure you subscribe to see that.