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10 SIMPLE DIY Crafts to Rock Your Wedding

Hey Guys,

Everyone wants their event to be unique and personalized.  Not everyone has the skills to build a chandelier out of a wagon wheel or the time to fold a thousand cranes.  So this post is for all you DIYers and some of you not so DIYers.  I’ve put together 10 crafts that aren’t quite so demanding that only the crafting elites can pull them off.  Hope you guys enjoy!

1. Painted Mason Jars

This is an easy way to get things to match your color theme and give your event a personal touch.

2. Edison Style Lights.

Not only are these a really cool vintage look but from a photographer’s standpoint this style of light bulb gives some of the best lighting available.  It’s warm, if you use a lot of them it gives a soft light,  They also make a really awesome photo.

3. These Stringy Ball things.

I know you can buy them but I’ve seen them made with a few varying size balls and some string (yarn works well).

If you’re using balloons you will want to put petrolium jelly on the balloon so the glue doesn’t stick to the balloon.

Then you’re going to make a mixture of PVA glue water and corn starch.  It should be slightly more watery than the PVA glue and not so thick that it doesn’t fully absorb into the yarn.  You can also add coloring to this glue.

Wrap the yarn like you see in the picture, it can help to suspend the balloon first with a separate piece of string and the wrapping should begin and end at the knot of your balloon.

It needs to dry overnight but if you have the patience leave it a day or 2.

You’ll need to separate the balloon from the yarn carefully a bit and you can deflate it slowly or pop it.

After that you can spray a fast dry enamel. or a light coating of spray paint.



4. Flower and Sand Centerpieces

I think the picture covers it well.

5. Glitter on details.

Careful not to overdo it, this stuff gets everywhere.

6. Paper Roses

7. Bleach Shirt

This might be a bachelorette party thing or something to wear while you’re getting ready.  Note the wax paper that prevents the bleach pen from getting through.

8. Perfect Chalk Board.

So they printed on one side of the paper and chalked up the other.  Then they used a pencil to press the chalk onto the board.  I’d test it on a small piece first.  There also is a way to spray a clear enamel on after you chalk a board to lock in your message.

9. Celtic Knots.

This isn’t a craft in and of itself but it can be used to accent a lot of other things you make.

10. The Paint Stirring Brush Craft

You can also try making pallets.

I hope you guys enjoyed this Top Ten blog.  Make sure you guys give me some feedback below.  It really helps motivate me to keep trying to bring you fun and new ideas to make your weddings and events awesome.  See you all next week!