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An Open Letter to My Daughter

2015-09-16_0008This was an open letter to my daughter I drafted a few weeks ago I decided to go ahead and publish it here.


Dear Kaia,

That was the photo I sent to our Church to announce your birth.  I couldn’t bring myself to leave you for an hour to catch the announcement though.

Anyways, I thought I’d post about life after we got home from the hospital after your grand entrance.

Thanks to modern technology and doctors orders, we track your bowel movements…
It took me two days to realize how weird that is.  But it’s what we’re doing.  Time, frequency, color, all trackable on colorful graphs thanks to an iPhone app.  Isn’t technology disturbingly wonderful?  Sorry in advance for any therapy that might cause…  Love you!
You spent the weekend with your cousins, aunt Kim, uncle Zach, and Grammy.

Yeah… getting 3 of you happy at once isn’t easy.2015-09-16_0006

Here are a few others we did this weekend.
I think you’re the cutest thing and you fall asleep every time I hold you a certain way.

Having a baby isn’t easy on your sleep schedule, we were lucky to have family come help this weekend, my dad and step-mom brought pizza and visited and our church is bringing meals next week (much appreciated).  You have a lot of love being poured out your way.

We talked about you having your first bath today. I didn’t think you needed one yet but mom did so…
Again you’re sleeping on my chest while I write this.

All my love,