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DISCLAIMER: I’m releasing my For Photographer’s blog on Wednesday instead of the usual Friday today.  On top of that it’s 2:30 and I’m just starting my post.  So this one might not have the caffeine injected vigor you expect but we shall see. Last night as I lay my head down my iPhone gave me […]

Note: I originally wrote this when we were about 32 weeks along.  I waited to publish it after our baby was born. Hey, This was originally posted to a test site and I decided to just maintain one blog.  At the same time I wrote this my wife is on what should be her last […]

How will the A7sII Change Photography? I’ve left this article in tact for posterity it was written before the announcment of the a7sII. For a review of the A7SII click here Lately I’m seeing more pros change to mirrorless cameras.  If there is one thing photographers like to do it’s pull out knives over what gear is best. […]

Hey Guys, Very recently a friend asked me what my thoughts were on the new Canon 5DS camera.  He seemed really excited about the 50 megapixels.  I thought I’d share my thoughts as a wedding photographer.  Keep in mind this camera is most suited for studio use or landscapes in my opinion. About the Rumors […]