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Hey Guys, I just placed an order with my people for a years supply of a new magazine that I’m really excited to release to new couples.  I had this design finished in May and then noticed some things that needed a little change here and there before I could publish it.  It’s sent to print now so […]

      Hey Guys, I recently got to photograph a couple I’ve been super excited about.  Megan has been a great friend of mine who worked in the wedding industry planning events and recently got engaged.  I actually got to capture the proposal for them which was a really great opportunity because most people […]

Hey Guys, It’s becoming a very rainy May and I it seems like everytime I take pictures at Union Station it rains.  I think 4 out of the last 5 or 6 times I’ve covered Union Station for engagement photos we’ve gotten a light sprinkle.  That being said the pictures have always turned out great. […]

It’s that time of year the perfect time for engagement photos.  Well we thought so but it’s rained every time we scheduled a photo shoot… THREE times!   In spite of a little water I am really loving how the photos are turning out.  Here is a sneak peek Enjoy!  We shot downtown and luckily the rain was […]