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A Week of Wedding Tips -Darling DIY stories

NIC_3965Today’s post will be short and sweet and a bit personal.  My friend Megan Snow (Founder of the 5k Wedding Run Bridal Show)  is doing an event on Facebook called a Week of Wedding Tips.  Each day has a theme and I didn’t schedule these posts so I’ll see if I can get something out every day in the midst of wedding season.  Today’s topic was Darling DIY Stories and I love bringing personal experience to people who read the blog so I’m really eager to share.

One of my favorite trends in weddings today is giving your wedding a personal touch by getting hands on.  DIY projects are a great way to give people an opportunity to really own some of the creativity and personal spirit that goes into a wedding.

12931210_10101036518341301_2389277400833132304_nKodi and I love crafts and back when I was working for the man I actually had the free time to do some of them. We had lots of DIY parts to our wedding but one of my favorite was that the bridesmaid’s bouquets were cloth flowers made from re-purposed bridesmaids dresses.  We burned the edges to curl them a bit and the stitches were hidden by a broach or a gem type ornament.

The wedding was movie themed and we designed a projection to roll credits at the end, and we had our recessional to the Pirates of the Caribbean Theme Song.  The bridal party was “The Fellowship of the Rings” instead and on the playbill handout we designed and the table centerpieces featured decorated VHS movies of classics like Jaws and the DJ addressed the tables by playing those theme songs.  It was really fun.

If you’re looking for simple crafts for your wedding.  I’m sorry that’s not what this was but I did write a post like that for you!  I suggest you check out my post 10 SIMPLE Crafts to Rock Your Wedding if you’re looking for DIY crafts for your own wedding.  It’s part of the series I did last year called Top 10 Tuesday that I ran for one year.  Today I’m focusing on my bridal guide posts which are still being published every Wednesday.

I hope you enjoyed the post.

Happy Easter!